Seminar on Meaning
Columbia, TN
Seminar on Grace, guilt, forgiveness, unconditional love and compassion



Grace: The Hub

Grace—the Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people—can only be understood in the light of guilt. In this seminar, we examine guilt as the control beyond control—emotional and psychical power through fear of punishment—when a person is beyond visual and physical contact.

We look at power and control, beginning with home, and moving through school, and society, to religion and eternity. We look at how moral precepts have developed over time.

The biblical concept of grace is studied as mercy and agape—love and acceptance that is the "gospel" of good news, the "good tidings of great joy"—in order understand the psychology of atonement in the mind of both the person and society. How many of our powerful stories have been of atonement for wrong-doing? In The Lord's Prayer, do we want forgiveness of "debts" or "trespasses?

This seminar views the prism of grace through the lights of love, sin, forgiveness, ego and control.

Grace is unmerited favor. Grace is a gift!

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I cannot study this very serious problem of guilt with you without raising the very obvious and tragic fact that religion -- my own as well as that of all believers -- can crush instead of liberate.
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Columbia, TN