Seminar on Meaning
The Essence of Being
Columbia, TN





It is who we are. It is what makes me, uniquely "me," and you, uniquely "you." In this seminar, we talk about personality or soul or spirit in describing what makes a person. Whatever term is used, it is the symbol of "us" that helps point to the more or less integrated whole, that is a physical, mental, and spiritual human being.

Being is at the heart of the Seminars for the Soul Series.

The process toward "being ourself" is an outgrowth of "knowing," "accepting," and "loving" ourselves. So much in our existence harbors around those three steps, and "being" is the mode of living that practices the process. When we practice those things, we are being true to ourselves.

Because life and we are dynamic, we are both "being" and "becoming." We are the fruition of our past, making present choices for our future, and we make those choices out of our "being."

On Becoming a Person
The late Carl Rogers, founder of the humanistic psychology movement, revolutionized psychotherapy with his concept of "client-centered therapy." His influence has spanned decades, but that influence has become so much a part of mainstream psychology that the ingenious nature of his work has almost been forgotten. A new introduction by Peter Kramer sheds light on the significance of Dr. Rogers's work today. New discoveries in the field of psychopharmacology, especially that of the antidepressant Prozac, have spawned a quick-fix drug revolution that has obscured the psychotherapeutic relationship. As the pendulum slowly swings back toward an appreciation of the therapeutic encounter, Dr. Rogers's "client-centered therapy" becomes particularly timely and important.
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A Way of Being
A Way of Being was written in the early 1980s, near the end of Carl Rogers's career, and serves as a coda to his classic On Becoming a Person. More personal and philosophical than his earlier writings, it traces his professional and personal development and ends with a person-centered prophecy, in which he predicts a future changing in the direction of more humaneness. Now, fifteen years later, the psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Irvin Yalom revisits A Way of Being, offering a contemporary view of this remarkable work.
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This is it
The six essays in this volume all deal with the relationship of mystical experience to ordinary life. The title essay on "cosmic consciousness" includes the author's account of his own ventures into this inward realm. "Instinct, Intelligence, and Anxiety" is a study of the paradoxes of self-consciousness; "Spiritually and Sensuality," a lively discussion of the false opposition of spirit and matter; and "The New Alchemy," a balanced account of states of consciousness akin to spiritual experience induced by the aid of lysergic acid. The collection also includes the text of Watts' celebrated pamphlet, "Beat Zen, Square Zen, and Zen."
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Modern Man in Search of a Soul Modern Man in Search of a Soul is the basic introduction to the thought of Carl Gustav Jung, who, with Freud and Adler, was one of the chief founders of psychoanalysis.

In this book, Jung examines some of the most contested and crucial areas in the field of analytical psychology: dream analysis, the primitive unconcious, and the relationship between psychology and religion. In addition, Jung analyzes the differences between his theories and those of Freud.
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Columbia, TN