Seminars for the Soul




Imagine a world in which all the ambitions of technology have been fulfilled, where everyone has a panel of pushbuttons which, at the slightest touch, will satisfy every desire more swiftly than the djinn of Aladdin's lamp. Less than five minutes after this ambition has been attained, it will be essential to include upon the panel a button marked SURPRISE!

These words, from Beyond Theology: The Art of Godmanship by Alan Watts, represent the essence of the Seminars for the Soul Series. Is it time to push your own button?

We wear masks. We wear fancy dress with each other. I often think of people meeting the way cars meet, they dim the lights when they approach each other at night. The real person inside one car never meets the real person inside the other one.

Columbia, TN
About the Seminars for the Soul

To the Christian, the acorn and the oak are powerful symbols of protection, solidarity, endurance, strength of faith and virtue. They invoke images of birth and death, first and last, actual and potential. Just as the acorn is the dwelling place of the mighty oak, we are the dwelling place of The Spirit, with an equally gigantic future.

Seminars for the Soul presents lectures, discussions, Q&A and activity formats that explore Holy Scripture, the philosophy of religion, reflective writings of theologians and clerics, and the role religion represents in our hearts and minds.

Centered around diverse books on comparative myth, philosophy and religion, the seminars are an amalgam of the spiritual journey, personal awareness, meaning, purpose and commitment to ethical principles.

We will explore the personal doubts, anxieties, hopes and fears that challenge our faith, learning how to ask the right questions and to build the right context for reflection that can lead to a clearer truth.

We will discover new purposes and goals that explain the mysteries of being and becoming. Together, we will continue the human quest for happiness and fulfillment. Perhaps we will find peace of mind and of soul.

Share with us a spiritual journey that travels inward and outward to arrive at the Secrets of Self.

About Don Robison

Having earned an undergraduate degree in Religion and Psychology from Samford University, a masters in basic theology with particular focus in social work and pastoral counseling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Don Robison has worked in the helping professions and service organizations for over 25 years as a professional minister, social worker, high school teacher, coach, career counselor, job developer, and group therapist.

Don transitioned to General Motors and the Saturn Corporation for the "dream model" of a people-oriented team concept in the manufacturing world. As a team leader, he supervised groups of 8-10 employees and facilitated activities dealing with people skills, communications and processes.

Don brings into a state of unity his years of social service, counseling and leadership to the Seminars for the Soul Series.